“Everything that shines, will fade,

Just like everything dies, that’s ever made.”


Some things take years to build and some take just a moment, a moment to ignite what wasn’t there before and feels like “that’s it!! I was looking for this my whole life.” No wonder why nothing worked out…

But just like poof!! Spark’s gone and you are left wondering in the dark what went wrong. Well just like that one special moment where the impossible spark flew to you, to ignite all of you, another moment came which was as powerful as the first one and lights out.

You can’t do anything and trust me, it’s not your fault. Some eternities are short but deep, some vacations don’t last that long and you have to come back home, not incomplete or burnt, but with the spirit that was once ignited and knows what it feels like.

You’ll never be the same again and that’s the whole point of it, you are more than what you were before, and until you’re exploring, you will keep discovering.

There’s none to blame!



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  1. This is beautiful wisdom, everything adds to us, the good or the bad, all help us grow ☺ loved reading ☺

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    1. Yep and nothing being ‘The End’ :))


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