Life Through a Keyhole



We’re all living under one roof and surrounded by different walls, some with multiple wooden windows that don’t open, some with just a vent, up really high. Pre-loaded with a script to follow since the birth and we’ve been doing the same, unknown of what it feels like to see something different from the stage we’ve been rehearsing and performing on, to feel different than what the script says. Always brought up with the fear of outside world and how it’s dangerous to not follow the act. Fear of how you will tumble off into a void if you run off the stage!

And one day we muster up the courage to run Backstage, in the middle of the Play, pacing up fast towards the door, not to run out of it but knock. Knock to see if someone’s there, or to know if it opens up with Push or Pull.

The door remains locked but there’s a light that enters through and around it, like magical hope seeping in through mostly constrained wood.  The light that shows more of them around than the burning spotlight. And you follow the light to see what it comes from sticking your eye into the Keyhole.



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