First blog post

Hi there!

I’m Aditya, a writer more than an Artist. There’s a reason why I said so.

It’s been 4 years since I started writing, a year since I wrote my first quote as a frustration to a past event followed by a Tiny Tale.It’s been months since I wrote a Poem and some weeks since I got into long poetry and writing stuff which I feel should reach more people than just a few.

I write to express and not as a career, more like it’s a necessity, a part of me that grew with time and a part of me that I love most days.

I’ll be trying to reach more people through my writing and I never felt that I need Likes on my writing rather how people decode it and what it made them feel. Feel free to talk about what you like and love about, in my writing, I personally love that part, once I’m done writing anything, you know to share and understand the feeling.

I’m always confused what I’m writing so I named em Quoteries(straight forward as Quotes and layered as Poetry).










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